Art Class: Tuesday Painting Class

Tue, Aug. 7 — Sept. 11, 2018
7—10 pm
Six-week course
Once a week

Art Class: Tuesday Painting Classes

Skill Level:
Beginner to intermediate

Pablo Contrisciani

This class is designed to develop and clarify student’s painting style and improve their skills. Through one-on-one instruction, demonstrations and exercises, beginners will focus on color theory, composition and form; advanced students will work on expanding visual vocabulary and improving their technique. You will work from a variety of sources like visual samples and references, images of masters artworks, photos, reproductions, etc. Oil and acrylic mediums are welcome in this class. No previous drawing experience necessary. Students will use a limited palette in order to learn how to mix a variety of colors.

At the end of the six classes each student will have completed 4 to 5 paintings.

Taught in English and Spanish.

Tuition/ $235 (art supplies not included)


Tue, August 7 – Sep 11, 2018
7-10 pm
Six-week course


Oolite Arts
924 Lincoln Road, #100
Miami Beach, FL 33139



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