Barron Sherer, Ensueno, 2020


Barron Sherer

Ensueño (for Miki Lee), 2020
Single-Channel Digital Video, Sound, 00:41
Edition of 3 + 1AP

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Barron Sherer is a time-based media artist with a background in moving image archival practice. His work focuses on re-purposing orphaned and appropriated motion pictures, slides, video, and photographs through formal experimentation. Sherer’s exploration and artistic process in social media and digital platforms create source material and documentation of his temporary and experiential installations. Sherer founded a new studio project in 2020 with major Knight Foundation investment in the form of a Knight Arts Challenge award. Recent work has exhibited widely at venues including the Frost Museum of Art; Perez Art Museum Miami; Deering Estate; Microscope Gallery (Brooklyn, NY); Rooster Gallery (NYC); Gallery 125 (Brooklyn, NY); EMP Collective (Baltimore, MD); Art Center Berlin (Berlin, Germany); Museo de Arte Moderno (Medellin, Colombia); and Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (Lerma, Mexico). Barron Sherer’s 2018 solo exhibition, MIAMI/MIAMI featured 16mm installations and video projections at Walls Gallery in Miami, Queensland, Goldcoast, Australia.