Shady Eshghi


Shady Eshghi

Dictator from the Kakistocracy series, 2020
Acrylic marker on archival paper
16 x 20” (framed)

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After graduating from Alzahra University of Tehran in 1994 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Shady Eshghi relocated to Miami in 2006 receiving her Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts. Following her graduation in 2009, she was selected for Oolite Arts (Art Center/South Florida). In 2010, she was granted permanent residency under the prestigious “Extraordinary Ability in the Arts.” Spending formative years at an international school in Tehran cultivated her curiosity and passion for the world and its cultures, however, the rise of the Islamic Revolution left her feeling as an outsider in her own land. Relocating to Miami in 2006, she quickly realized the feeling of being the “outsider” persisted very much the same in Miami as in her post-revolutionary Tehran. Once again art became her stable nexus, enabling her to navigate transitional spaces, synthesizing her diametric worlds: secular and religious, Iranian and American, east and west. Eshghi’s work has been exhibited in Tehran Museum of Modern Art, Niavaran Museum of Tehran, the Girls’ Club, Broward College Rosemary Duffy Gallery, Art Center South Florida, Art Wynwood Art Basel, Miami Dade College, Vargas University, B.J. Spoke Gallery New York, International Islamic Contemporary Art, Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, Monroe Symphony Orchestra, Arte Americas, Miami International University of Art & Design, Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and Alzahra University of Tehran, among others.