William Osorio, Untitled


William Osorio

Untitled I, 2020
Oil on canvas (unstretched)
16 x 16.5 inches

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William Osorio is a Miami-based artist who was born in Cuba in 1989. After emigrating to the US, Osorio embraced becoming a self-taught artist, leading to a key factor in the spontaneity of his work. His artistic practice consists of a game of concealment and revelation of the subject; in an attempt to analyze human behavior. The human figure as pictorial element becomes an unavoidable reference. As Osorio explains: “I use literature as a certain foundation of truth, as a spring of metaphors. There is an omnipresent idea in my practice which is the inseparable relationship between the subject and the world . My intention with my work is to have a deconstructive approach towards orthodoxy and established paradigms, such as the notion of nature and especially the idea of self-identity.”